Send Messages From Heaven

Unexpected can happen to every person and any family in this world. Afterall, we are prepared to live under the shadow of uneventful.

Nevertheless, experiencing the demise of a loved one is one of the most shattering thing that can happen to you, especially when you share a unique bond with the person who passed away.

If an abrupt incident has left you wondering what will happen to your dear ones when you have completed your subsistence on earth, then we are here to cater your worries.

My Life Imprint has developed this one-of-the-kind service where you can leave messages from heaven to your loved ones. This extremely efficient cloning system is supported by artificial intelligence is the another dimension to communicate in the real sense.

If you are wondering how this can really happen?

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The Unique Service

We don’t fear death as such, but most definitely how our loved ones will bear the burdens of life all themselves, without our support.

At My Life Imprint, we have been thinking hard as we lost our loved ones. We found that it would be pretty awesome if you can send a statement from heaven that can assist them with a right life path.

⇨     To be specific, we have created a unique platform where you can record snippets of your life and piece of advice for your family, friends and loved ones when you are no more with them in reality.

⇨     At My Life Imprint, there are thousands of questions in hundreds of categories- Everything Possible have been covered and you just have to create a profile and start answering the questions.

⇨     Leave messages to loved ones. You can also record audio and video answers for your family, so they feel like you are there with them.

⇨     All questions are practical and real in the sense that they can help your family and friends in every possible situation.

⇨     We create an magic with the artificial intelligence of you answering the questions as your family type in their queries. The illusion is so strong that they will feel like, you are actually with them or they are getting messages from heaven.

How To Send Messages From Heaven?

Register Your Profile

Register and fill in your details. Check T&C and Privacy policy before you create your profile.

Answer Questions

Login to answer different life questions. Leave replies for all those things that are important to you and your family.

Guest Accounts

Create individual guest accounts for all the people who you think “need to communicate with me after death”

Guest Logins

Your Guest Logins will be used by your family later to visit their profile. They will also access the introductory videos you left.

Get Responses

When the guest user types question, our algorithms will matches them to your corresponding answers instantly.

Looking to Know More?

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