Live Forever With My Life Imprint

Consider what will happen, if a precipitous something dwindles your family and you are no more with them. Also, we reach out to all those who are suffering from a fatal illness and not sure how their family will cope with situations in your absence.

At My Life Imprint, we have curated a unique and powerful platform, so that you can live forever with your nears and dears.

With us you just not create memories for your loved ones which they can cherish for their lives rather we have leveraged artificial intelligence to its optimum best.

So your family and friends can breathe and exist with your presence like you never left anywhere.

Explore this unprecedented opportunity to heal your loved ones with the right advice and support even when you are no more with them.

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Discover The New System To Clone

Do you think human cloning is not yet possible?

Think again.

Here at My Life Imprint, we have been working with the best of technology to pursue our attempts with a new system to clone.

The researches may be still going in this respect, but our simple yet effective technology help in creating experiences and a medium to Live Forever which are no less than Magic.

🔺 Register with us Today and we lend you a medium where you can record your answers for your loved ones in the form of simple texts, audio and video messages, creating an image that you are there with them always.

🔺 In case, you are not sure whether you should give a try to this to the new technological platform ( My Life Imprint) or not, you can contact our professionals and they will explain to you exactly how it works.

🔺 My Life Imprint is a completely secure and reliable platform. All your information is protected and we do not share it, until and unless you give us your consent to do so. Refer our Privacy policy for more information.

How Our System Works?

Register Your Profile

You simply start by registering your details, which helps us in creation of your profile in our database. Read T&C and Privacy policy before proceeding.

Answer Questions

Once you are done with your profile, login and start giving answers to the questions in our database. Answer questions crucial for your family.

Guest Accounts

Thereafter create personal guest accounts for all those people who matter to you. You can leave special videos and audio recordings in their profile

Guest Logins

Your family and friends can access their individual profiles, created specifically for them by you by simply logging in the information to their profile.

Get Responses

Your family and Friends will get immediate responses from you because of the information you stored in our database, creating a magical visage of your existence.

Live Forever with your family and give them crucial life lessons that nobody else can tell them. Register with us today and learn how technology can make your life more meaningful.

If you have any questions for us, we would be happy to answer them all. Please write to us at