Don’t Want To Lose You

Our life constitutes the intermingling experiences from our family, friends and significant others. Our whole existence depends on people we love.

What if one fateful day they are no more to encourage and support you in your everyday realms.

Agonizing, Yes Of course!

Throughout our times, all of us have experienced and undergone this pain when someone very close or greatly loved was lost.

If your dear one is suffering from long-term illness, seeing the trauma can cause some excruciating pain to you as well. And here you may utter, “Don’t want to Lose You”.

But… What if you never lose them or experience the absence and loneliness that ushers after their demise.

This idea took us to the creation of My Life Imprint.

With this platform, we perform magic, that was only witnessed in the science fiction movies, tv series or novels before.

Here at My Life Imprint, you can explore the messages from your loved ones or leave one for your family so that they can use your replies to fulfill the void that you left.

My Life Imprint Is Much More Than The Time Capsule.

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Leave Your Life Imprints

The point when you say, “I Don’t want to Lose You”, is probably when you are already crushed and surmised the thought that you will eventually lose the one you love.

If you too are battling with the question like, “What Do I do without You?”, then give us a chance to redeem. We offer you a platform where you can find the best advice directly from your loved ones, even when they are no more.

Here is how we will work out, so you never get separated from your loved ones ever in this lifetime.

For the Profile Owners

Register your profile to our database and our intuitive platform will append the experiences from your life journey in the form of your saved answers.

Our database asks you to answer most logical questions that will have pragmatic relevance to your family and friends when you are no more with them. You choose and answer all those queries that are crucial for your family to know.

Create Guest Accounts for the people you love and once they input their query after logging in to their individual account, they will find you with them immediately. Leave them a video or audio.

For the Family Members

Don’t Lose the one you Love with the guest accounts specifically created for you. Our member’s text messages, audio and videos can be accessed by the family members with the Login access to Guest account meant specifically for the individuals.

Try us! Your loved ones have left you messages and answered the questions that are most important for you to know.

Our advanced technology can clone the individual in front of you even after their sudden demise so that you never feel alone. Login to Your account Now

Never Say, “Don’t want to Lose You” again because you never will. Register now and Live forever. For queries and suggestions, please write to us at today!