Experience Black Mirror Communication

“Black Mirror” was unquestionably one of the most loved show that stunned the populace with its brilliance and understanding of human society.

But what if you can experience the same kind of resourcefulness in your world?

At My Life Imprint, we help you acquaint with a perceptive black mirror communication that connects you with life and beyond.

With the help of artificial intelligence, we have developed a platform where we create an illusion of your existence even after death. This is similar to cloning while resting aside the bad consequences of technology.

At My Life Imprint, we provide you autopilot chat rooms for yourself, which can later become comforting strata for your loved ones when you are no more to help them with their decisions.

Start contributing to our resource base and proffer a better future to your family.

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If you are not sure with how this can add value to your family’s life, you can simply write to us at info@mylifeimprint.com

How Do We Achieve Black Mirror Communication?

There are some pretty simple steps that will help you in accomplishing what was earlier considered impossible. Black Mirror communication is exactly possible with modern technology and you will not need a lavished equipment to time travel.

This is a unique concept but definitely worth giving a shot. Just as you need life insurance to save your family from financial burdens, using this platform ensures that you support them during their emotional tumors, especially when they feel all alone battling the prejudices of life.

Follow these simple steps and understand what we propose and how we achieve-

1. Register

Register and create your profile. All your information is secured and password sensitive. You may want to read our T&C and Privacy policy before giving us permission to save your profile.

2. Answer Questions

Once you have registered with us. We allow you to answer as many questions as you want, pertaining to life, your lineage, resources, everything that are practically important to your family.

3. Guest Accounts

Once you are done answering questions, you can create separate or individual guest accounts for your family, friends, children, significant other- whomsoever matters to you!

4. Guest Logins

Your family can Log In to the profile that you have created for them specifically. You can leave them with the introduction videos, audios of your choice.

5. Get Responses

The spell is done when the guest user ask certain question in the chat bar and our algorithms will match the keywords to your answers and responding immediately, creating an illusion that you are with them.

Need Some Help?

Help your loved ones take the right choices in life even when you are not there anymore. Our seamless interface can help them find answers from you immediately with our magical black mirror communication resource. Write to us at info@mylifeimprint.com.