The Brilliance of Artificial Intelligence

We live in where nothing is Impossible and we are almost closer to becoming comparable with nature.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, we have created machines that can relieve a lot of stress and duplicate the human brain. What will be more amazing to see in coming times is some real metamorphosis and solving the enigma of human life.

With My Life Imprint, we are making our small contribution to society by providing a service that helps you live after death.

Intriguing Right!

This platform allows you to answer and record the critical questions that are sometimes left behind following the sudden death of the person. You get the liberty to choose and answer questions and truths that you need your family members to know.

My Life Imprint is a completely unique resource, where artificial intelligence supports you to inhibit in the everyday life of the loved ones, even after death.

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Wonders of Artificial Intelligence

Interacting Beyond Graves

The aftershock when someone close dies can last a lifetime, making person miserable. Sometimes, your family members are not in the situation to look after themselves.

Digital Interactions with someone beyond the grave is now literally possible now with My Life Imprint. We offer you the technology to create convincing digital surrogates with your personal data that will feel like you always exist near your dear ones.

There are some wonders that Artificial Intelligence (AI) have offered recently and we have incorporated this in our My Life Imprint Platform. Here is how this happens-

✓ Chatbots talking to your loved ones with the information you have supplemented to our database, creating an illusion that you are truly there with them.

✓ Augmented Reality with the digital archive of the member. You answer thousands of questions in the hundreds of categories that we have enlisted with some real-life and necessary questions.

✓ Our broad technology helps your digital being to grow with the neural network that evolves even after the physical being of the person has passed away.

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