Storing your answers to be accessed at the right time

MyLifeImprint is NOT intended to explore your privacy, it’s intended for you to leave important answers for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries every occasion that you may not have the opportunity to give to your loved ones.

This is a secure website and password sensitive. All information provided is private and not shared with third parties. Please refer to the privacy page provided. For any queries please contact us.

Understanding My Life Imprint

Death is one topic that most of us refrain from but is extremely necessary to address.

Imagine never having to devoid someone of your presence.

Technology has benefited us in more ways possible and our platform is a stride forward in artificial intelligence. We support you to create an auto-pilot chat room of yourself, which your loved ones can access when you are no more with them.

Check this video below to learn more about My Life Imprint.

Give My life Imprint a try and see how technology can transform you and your family's life. Register with us and be part of this augmented eternity. Write to us at, if you need to clear some questions in mind before becoming part of our network.


Built for people, just like you.

We built My Life Imprint because firstly we come from humble beginnings in the sense that we had several family members pass on before we had a chance to ask them crucial life questions. Prompted with love, we curated a technology that would help people retire from bereavement and start their life again. This is a powerful program where you can freeze your knowledge for future generations and protect your legacy. This is your chance to leave your Imprint.

Life Imprints for loved ones.

We have curated thousands of questions on hundreds of categories. We cover every possible questions one can have in their life. My Life Imprint renders you a platform, where you can save your knowledge and help your family and friends take right decisions pertaining to life situations. The auto-pilot chat room is so powerful that it creates an illusion that you are there with them all the time, supplying all information from the database of answers that you furnished us beforehand. My Life Imprint provides you-

  • Real life questions
  • Actual answers
  • Audio and video as well as text answering is available


You can write to us at , if you are facing any concerns regarding our platform.